Yoga corrects three wrong sitting postures that affect tibia development

Yoga corrects three wrong sitting postures that affect tibia development

Before discussing how to prevent tibia sagging, we need to understand a little bit about the structure of these two buds: the breasts are mainly composed of breast tissue and pregnant women, and the underlying pads have ligaments and muscles.

Generally, the height of the top is determined by the position of the nipple. Therefore, it is important to form a beautiful supporting shape slightly.

Obviously, the breast and muscle are soft collapsed. Once grown, it is difficult to change the position; ligaments and muscles can improve the overall height, but there is no effect of local filling.

  For women who have faced computer for a long time, to prevent chest sagging, the most important thing is to pay attention to the three wrong sitting postures and cooperate with some sports at the same time.

To be specific: Wrong sitting position 1: Leaning at the table. In order to see the computer screen more clearly, some girls like to lean forward on the occurrence.

But this posture is just pressing to the hips, and it will squeeze slightly under the elbows on both sides; the contents of the lower hemisphere are lost, and the results are conceivable.

  Countermeasure: leave the desktop!

  We all learned that when we were young, the correct sitting position is to punch away from the table in dark color. If you are too easy to forget, it is better to wear an exaggerated three-dimensional plastic necklace to remind yourself.

  Wrong Seated Position 2: Few people sit in a completely symmetrical posture, either leaning to the left or leaning to the right.

A slight imbalance is of course possible, but since we have to stay in front of the computer for a short time every day, twisting in one direction for a few hours, so that the muscle “remembers” this posture, and the spine is also pulled out of the side S shape, causing heightShoulder, the breast will naturally have height, and the chest will hang down visually causing complications.

  Therefore: exercise to release twisted muscles not only affects body shape, but also sometimes causes soreness and discomfort.

We need to relax tense muscles often.

The “tree” posture in yoga is very helpful. It can help us control the intervertebral muscles to maintain balance. The upward movement can also make the body slender.

It should be noted that the part that feels difficult to complete is the side with weak muscles, so it is necessary to practice more.

In addition, professional massage also has the effect of physiotherapy for muscle relaxation.

  Wrong Seated Position 3: What is the relationship between humpback and hump?

The relationship is big.

The humpbacked person’s center of gravity is forward, his upper body is nested, and his chest is “covered” in this curve.

Moreover, the humpback is often accompanied by “round shoulders”, and the shoulders slacken forward, which is equivalent to loosening the skin and skin, let alone resisting gravity.

  Measures: Strengthen the back muscles and perform some exercises on the muscles of the hips. Not only can you have a beautiful back curve, but you can also wear open-back dresses. At the same time, you can naturally increase your breasts and expand your shoulders.
Rock climbing is recommended. It is easy to get started, it is very effective for shoulder and back training and arm curve, and the movement is mainly vertical, and it will not train too thick muscle mass. During the exercise, they basically lift their heads, and also maintain the cervical spine by the way.

  Key words for correct sitting posture: