A toad is a tadpole.

Between the eyebrows, there is the famous white toad crisp, toad crisp and dried toad skin for medicinal purposes.

  Sexual toad crisp, sweet, spicy, warm, toxic.

  Ingredients Chinese toad crisp contains adrenaline, cholesterol, suberic acid, bufo tannin (also known as toad tryptamine), toad toxin, bufobumin and bufatalin.

  Pharmacological reports According to reports, the cardiotonic effects of Chinese toad extract and Chinese toad venom are similar to digitalis glycosides, and are composed of two functions, namely, excited myocardium and excited vagus nerve.

Can also raise blood pressure, and can cause vomiting, but no accumulation effect.

  Function to cure malignant sores, kill insects and eliminate carbuncle.

  [小儿疳积、面黄、形瘦、腹大]  取大蟾蜍,去头、足、肠杂,涂以香油,瓦上焙焦,研细末,与砂仁等分共研,蜜丸如Adzuki beans are large, 7 pills per serving, 2 times a day.

  [恶性肿瘤]  干蟾皮粉,压成片剂(制法:蟾皮去头部含蟾酥部分,煮一分钟,焙干磨粉,用乙酸乙醋及氯仿各浸泡24小时,再干燥研粉, Compressed, each tablet contains 0.

2 g dry skin powder), 2-3 times a day, 3 tablets each time.

  [肝癌]  大蟾蜍剥皮,刺破皮棘,反贴肝区,至3周后取下,如皮肤起泡,涂龙胆紫,同时服蟾皮粉,每Times2-3分,一日3次