Due to copyright disputes in Grave Robbery Notes, Huanrui sent the third uncle to the south for 1 million yuan

Due to copyright disputes in “Grave Robbery Notes”, Huanrui sent the third uncle to the south for 1 million yuan
On November 30, the “Chaoyang Intellectual Property” public account announced that the Chaoyang Court sued Huanrui Century (Dongyang) Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. v. Xu Lei (Nanpai Sanshu) in the case of a dispute over copyright licensing contracts.Huanrui Century believes that Xu Lei issued the “Tomb Raider Note” authorization to expire on May 26, 2019, and requested that the right to adapt the “Tomb Raider Note” be extended to 2023 and compensate 1 million yuan in damages.Stills of the TV series “Tomb Raider Notes”.Huanrui Century reached an agreement with Xu Lei in 2013, and agreed to exclusively license the adaptation of the novel “Tomb Raider Notes” (Volume 1-9) to the TV series for 6 years.”License”, the period of permission for the right of adaptation is extended for four years.The first season of “Tomb Raider Notes” online drama was broadcast on iQiyi platform in 2015.Huanrui Century believes that, according to the contract, the license period should be extended for four years to May 26, 2023.Xu Lei expires on May 26, 2019.Huanrui Century believes that Xu Lei’s above-mentioned behavior is in breach of contract and requires that the period of the license be extended for four years to May 26, 2023, and Xu Lei is required to compensate 1 million yuan in economic losses.Xu Lei argued that Internet dramas are not equal to TV series.Huanrui Century Company has not completed the adaptation of the first season TV series or obtained the “TV Series Distribution License”. The contract extension conditions have not been fulfilled, and there is no extension period.Before the “License Contract” expires and terminates, he has no breach of contract and shall not be liable for compensation.Legal officials believe that the biggest controversy in this case is whether the online drama is a TV series. “According to the contractual content disclosed, the online drama should be equivalent to a TV series, and the” Robbery Notes “online drama produced by Huanrui Century won the” TV Series Distribution License》》, Both conditions are established, and the extension of authorization is only established.”Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Wu Longzhen Proofreading Li Xiangling