Sound into the Heart men’s team joins the global DECCA label to pay tribute to Pavarotti

“Sound into the Heart” men’s team joins the global DECCA label to pay tribute to Pavarotti
12月4日,“环球DECCA音乐厂牌全球90周年暨‘声入人心’男团成团盛典”在国家大剧院举行,为全球各地、长达1年的DECCA九十周年全球盛典活动画上It’s a full stop.Photo courtesy of the organizer Since its founding on February 28, 1929, the DECCA music label has bred countless musicians: from Pavarotti to Rolling Stones, Mrs. Vera Lynn to Ping Clausby, and Tom Jones toBilly Hollyday . At this scene, Milos, a classical guitar player near DECCA, played cross-border works from the latest album “Sound of Silence”, including the theme song of the movie “Graduate”;The attention of young British saxophonist Jess Gilliam played David Bowie and other adaptations.Mark Wilkinson, Global Senior Vice President of Classical and Jazz at Universal Music Group, said: “The 90th anniversary of DECCA has been driving innovation and continues to discover young artists and a new generation of musicians in the light of the predecessorsOn, continue the great cultural heritage of DECCA label.”Mark Wilkinson announced that DECCA will have more links with Chinese artists, starting with the signing cooperation with the” Sound into the Heart “men’s group, to expand the scale of the scale.Then, the “Sound Into the Heart” boy group composed of Cai Chengyu, Tong Zhuo, Gao Tianhe and Ju Hongchuan took the stage to sing “Nobody Sleeps Tonight”, “My Sun” paid tribute to Pavarotti, and performed a gentle and delicate scene”Night Night Night”, Disney Disney’s Frozen 2 Chinese theme song “Unknown Truth”.Photo courtesy of the organizer, edited by Ye Chang, Yang Chang, and Tian Xiangni, proofread by Li Xiangling