Fun talk about snow and moon and human health

Fun talk about snow and moon and human health

Chinese medicine believes that, in addition to paying attention to clothing, food, shelter, and health, to get a strong physique, it is also closely related to the wind, flowers, snow, and moon in the natural world. Some people say that the environment and health are related.

  Wind and healthy wind are listed first in the “six sensuality”.

The so-called “six sensuality” refers to wind, cold, heat, wetness, dryness, and fire.

Chinese medicine thinks.

Wind evil is an important factor leading to the occurrence of many diseases. In exogenous diseases, “wind” can be combined with many evil spirits.

If the patient has chills, fever, headache, no sweat, pain in the joints of the whole body, nasal runny nose, white tongue coating and other symptoms, the cause is the combination of wind and cold, so it is called wind cold;Tired, slippery pulse, this is the intersection of rheumatism, also known as rheumatism; if the wind and heat meet, it becomes rheumatism, manifested as red throat and sore throat, cough, and yellowish sputum.

It can be seen that “wind evil” is an important factor in causing disease.

  In summer and autumn, people like to take a nap, but some people wake up with a dizziness, itchiness and coughing, and some wake up but feel refreshed. What is the reason?

This is why people do not pay attention to the “wind direction”.

Because my head was sleeping against the wind during siesta, I naturally felt refreshed after waking up.

Conversely, if your feet are sleeping against the wind, you will feel uncomfortable when you wake up, either because you have a headache or have a stuffy nose.


Because the nose opens up the lungs, the main fur of the lungs, and the wind invades the lungs.

During siesta, if the nostrils are against the wind direction, the wind evil will invade from the nostrils, and often wake up with nasal congestion and cough.

Therefore, when taking a nap, you should choose a good location, pay attention to the wind direction, and remember the famous saying of the ancients: “The wind above your head is smart and easy; the wind above your feet, please Langzhong.

“Flowers and health nowadays, there is an upsurge in taking pollen at home and abroad, using flowers and pollen for fitness and beauty.

In fact, flowers and pollen foods have a long history.

Treasures of the Tang Dynasty osmanthus osmanthus fresh chestnuts and chrysanthemum cotton cakes; Guanghan cakes, brocade ribbon cakes, and crab stuffed oranges of the Song Dynasty contained cinnamon flowers, gentian flowers, and chrysanthemum pollen.

Modern nutrition research has found that pollen from a variety of plants has both dietary and medicinal effects.

For example, buckwheat pollen and locust pollen contain rutin, which can cure arteriosclerosis; hawthorn pollen can prevent myocardial infarction; chestnut pollen can replenish blood; chrysanthemum pollen diuretic; orange tree pollen to strengthen the stomach and spleen; rapeseed pollen has varicose ulcerEfficacy; linden tree pollen calms the nerves and so on.

  So why is pollen so amazing?

Because pollen contains many effective ingredients that are good for the human body.

Some people have analyzed the following substances from honey containing mixed pollen: multivitamins and 14 kinds of minerals such as folic acid, calcium, pantothenic acid, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, 21 amino acids, more than 50 natural enzymes and auxins, etc.In particular, the flavonoids and antibiotics contained in flowers are the fundamental factors that produce medicinal effects, and have great benefits for human health.

In addition, the aromatic hydrocarbons of flowers have an absorption effect, and also have unique treatment effects on many diseases, especially psychological depression, which are recognized by Chinese and foreign medical experts.

  Snow and health Snow is not only good for agricultural production, but also good for human health.

When the snow falls in the middle of the winter, all the cell viruses are buried under the snow and become incapable of being viable and frozen to death. Many diseases will be reduced.

Chinese herbal medicine experts of all generations have included Xue as a blind Chinese medicine in their works.

Snow has the effects of clearing heat, lowering fire and quenching thirst.

Ancient times.

He has used snow to treat plague, heatstroke fever, and injury to alcohol and thirst.

However, the snow that is used for medicine must be La Yuexue. Li Shizhen believes that “La Xue has sealed the shade and is not bad for decades.

Soaking the grains with snow water is drought-resistant and free of insects. If sprinkled for a few seats, the fly will go away.

Flood all fruit and food without crushing crickets.

“Boiling tea with snow water has a unique flavor.

Poet Xin Qiji was quite interested in making tea with snow water, leaving the phrase “write the tea through the fragrant snow”.

Tea boiled in snow water has many health effects in addition to its unique color, aroma and taste.

Medical doctors of all ages think that using La Yuexue “boiled tea and porridge has the effect of relieving heat and quenching thirst”, it is an ideal drink and food for preventing heatstroke and cooling.

  On the night of the full moon and health, people’s lives are full of poetry and painting.However, it is medically believed that the motion of the moon, especially the night of the full moon, has a certain effect on human emotions and behaviors.

It leads to affecting the human spirit and mood, and will cause changes in human physiological functions.

This is mainly because the magnetic force of the moon affects the balance of human hormones, body fluids and electrolytes, thereby causing physiological and mental changes in the human body.

At present, there is a medical method of bleeding in ancient times, but it cannot be performed on the full moon night, otherwise there may be too much blood loss and endanger life.

  Full moon night.

After long-term observation and measurement by scientists, it is found that the blood pressure of the human body is reduced, and under low blood pressure, the difference in internal pressure of blood vessels will be enlarged, which will make people with osmotic diseases vulnerable to bleeding.

This is why there are too many people who die from bleeding on the full moon night.

It can be seen that the natural phenomenon of the lack of the moon will also have a certain impact on human health.