Simple breast expansion exercises to care for the chest

Simple breast expansion exercises to care for the chest

If you want to be a breast-enhancing beauty, just take 10 minutes a day to care for your black hair, and you can make it happen.

The movements of this breast enhancement exercise are simple.

It focuses on building muscles, improving breast support, and promoting blood circulation to strengthen the skin’s elasticity.

Only exercise can really make your feet concentrated and strong, healthy and beautiful, and let you have a perfect charming upper curve!

You might as well try it.

  The first section of the chest expansion exercise is to straighten the buttocks muscles and raise your head and chest. Your hands are folded together as far as your chest. At this time, completely open your elbows, do not swing your shoulders, and be calm.Push each other slowly to the left and right.

When the hand reaches the center position, inhale and perform left-right interaction 10 to 20 times.

At the same time, the focus of the action is on the strength of the skull rather than the arms.

The whole body is straight, with only two forearms touching each other in a straight line to move left and right, soothing in and out.

  In the second quarter, focus on the exercise to straighten your back and raise your chest. You can also hold books and other things with your hands in front of your chest. Remember that it is the key to stretch your elbows. At this time, you must inhale and exhale.Straight forward, you may have to press hard on the palms of both hands.

Firmly on the top, slowly about 10 times.

  In the third quarter of the episode, raise your hands horizontally with your hands flat in the vertical direction, with your palms facing downwards, and cross your palms toward your chest. Straighten your arms, lift them up to the top of your head, and stick them to your ears; then slowly lower them backChest position.

Perform slowly for about 10 times.
  The fourth section raises the high-level sports health care center. The bee-producing hand is bent inward, and the lower arm overlaps the chest to form a mouth shape. Driven by the upper arm, slowly raise it up to the front of the forehead, and then lower it back to the original position.
Go up and down each other 10 to 20 times.

  In addition, some daily sports can also achieve breast enhancement effects.

  Swimming: In addition to being beneficial to the lungs and maintaining a healthy body, swimming is most helpful to the fitness of the breast.

Especially the butterfly stroke and freestyle, these two swimming styles are the easiest to make the lens muscles strong and the tibia full.

  Sports nutrition recipes push-ups: push-up on the bed with the body upright, with your hands supporting the body, abdomen and chest, the body and the bed at a 90-degree angle; stretch and bend when lying down; the body can not be on the bed.

Such a push-up, for a dozen rounds at first, and gradually increased in the future, can stretch and exercise the chest muscles, plump breasts.

  Dumbbell method: Lie on your back with two dumbbells in your hands.

At this time, the two arms should be separated naturally, the lower back muscles should be tightened, and the chest should be lifted upwards. At the same time, inhale and contract the chest muscles.

After a short pause, gently exhale and drop, the dumbbells will return to their original positions.

Do this several times in a row.

Note that legislation should always be upheld when doing it.

  Lie on your back with your palms straight up with dumbbells facing each other, then inhale deeply, hold your arms slowly to extend below them to about 120 degrees, fully expand the pectoral muscles, and finally contract the pectoral muscles to return to the ready posture.

Just do this repeatedly several times in a row.

Note that legislation should always be upheld when doing it.