Teach you to wash the sheets so that you are healthier

Teach you to wash the sheets so that you are healthier

How should the sheets be washed?

Perhaps many housewives will be very surprised, washing sheets is not the same as washing clothes.

After reading this type, I think you should understand how to wash.

  How long will you and your family wash your pillows, sheets, and quilts?

If the answer is more than a month, then your bed may be covered with invisible dust and bacteria, and over time, allergic diseases will occur.

  According to experts, the average person spends at least 7-8 hours a day sleeping, and will discharge 200 ml of sweat every night to provide a breeding ground for various bacteria on the bedding.

Generally speaking, people’s pillows, sheets, and quilts are covered with various bacteria, viruses, dust, protozoan cysts, etc. If these germs are not removed in time, various diseases will be transmitted and human health will be endangered.

The weather is fine and suitable for drying. It is recommended that you immediately put a large cleaning on the home, then take it out and use the ultraviolet rays in the sun to sterilize.

  While changing the bed cover and the sheets, the dandruff, hair, etc. remaining on the mattress are cleaned without obstructing the use of a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp rag.

If there are stains, use soap to spread the dirt, then use a dry cloth to suck clean, or use a hair dryer to dry the wet stains, so that it will not mold, produce odor.

  If possible, add a layer of cleaning pad between the mattress and the sheets.

A special cotton layer is built into the cleaning pad to prevent moisture from entering the mattress to keep the mattress clean and dry, warm and sweat absorbing, and easy to clean.

  In addition, you can also choose a mattress with a cover that has a zipper that can be removed for cleaning.

In addition, the newly bought sheets have an odor, which is the smell of formaldehyde.

In the process of producing sheets, the addition of formaldehyde is a disadvantage of preventing the fabric from being wrinkled.

Therefore, the newly purchased sheets should be washed with salt water and washed before use.

Because the carcinogen-formaldehyde at the anti-wrinkle treatment may remain on the new sheets.