White-collar workers go to psychiatric hospital for decompression?

White-collar workers go to psychiatric hospital for decompression?

It may be a precursor to a change in people’s psychotherapy concepts.

Our country is still in the developing stage. As a member of the country, we need to put more effort into building the country than the people who change, and we are also under more pressure.

If you feel that you can’t release the mental stress you miss, you may wish to sit in a mental hospital. This is a new way to relieve stress and stress. It must be: you must first bear the pressure of eating crabs.


com white-collar workers hid in the Jingwei Center to decompress senior white-collar workers. Private business owners often endure the pressure in Shanghai’s neighboring cities full of competition. Now, some of them have found a new way to decompress and resist stress-living in mental health centers.

The reporter learned yesterday from the Mental Health Center affiliated to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine that the first open ward in the country, about 30% of their patients are white-collar workers who are more and more concerned about mental health. In the open ward, the largest proportion is depressionOf anorexia, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia.

  Tired of daily “mask life” Ms. Lu (pseudonym) is an executive of a large foreign company. Her husband is a deputy general manager of a large company. She has a very rich material life and is envied by many people, but Ms. Lu is often disturbed.Lonely.

Ms. Lu is high up in the unit and sees a lot of cruel competition; friends are mostly businessmen traveling and will not easily expose her inner vulnerability; sir is very busy at work and tells him nothing to do; fitness, travel, K song can only be solved temporarilyWorry cannot calm the soul.

Ms. Lu hates “mask life”, she has insomnia; she has no appetite, loses weight, has no interest in doing things, feels like she is starting to age, and various stresses induce depression.

  When Wang Zhen, the attending physician of the Mental Health Center, suggested that she be hospitalized, she agreed with a bite: “I do need the help of a professional physician. Maybe it is good for me to” evaporate “.

“Now, Ms. Lu is living in an open psychosomatic ward. She participates in dynamic group therapy, hypnosis therapy twice a week, and a doctor and her supportive personality every day.

Every afternoon, she sings, dances, or draws by hand under the guidance of a teacher.

You can go out during non-treatment hours and go home on weekends.

“It’s almost like a vacation there,” Ms. Lu described her life in the Jingwei Center as physically relaxed, and she recovered her happiness.

  In hospital treatment, Mr. Tian (a pseudonym), a private owner who said he was only 35 years old abroad, owns most companies and is the oldest diamond king in the eyes of everyone. However, the parasitics in the business field made him feel insecure.

Three years ago, he began to have various kinds of compulsive thinking, which led to his reduced work efficiency.

The sweetest in his mouth suspected that he had diabetes; checked the penetrating lock five or six times in a row, and worried that his account book was not put up; after signing the contract with the customer, he repeatedly called to confirm the terms, which caused the other party to be bored and affected the project.

  After a diagnosis from a doctor at the mental health centre, Mr. Tian had developed OCD and suggested that he be hospitalized.

Although Mr. Tian promised to be hospitalized, he claimed that he had gone abroad for vacation. He was admitted to the fishing single ward in the hospital. He found something new: the doctors and nurses here were calm and smiling, and the whole treatment was very comfortable.Relax.

  Recognize that you are recovering from your illness. “In the past, we suggested that some patients be hospitalized. Their response was often: I have no nerves. Why should I be hospitalized?”

“Dr. Wang Zhen said that many patients have delayed treatment, and many patients with depression even have extreme behaviors.

  ”Some overall societies are becoming more and more objective with regard to the concept of psychotherapy, and those with higher education and higher incomes are the ones whose concepts change faster, and their sense of stigma towards mental illness is no longer so strong, which is conducive to treatment.Carry out.

“Bored doctor analysis, open green ward, professional treatment, humanized care, etc.

Urban white-collar workers who have endured high pressure are willing to enter mental health centers and take care of their own spiritual world. Only when patients admit that they have a mental illness can they recover.