Jingning|The second batch of sloping villages and towns in Zhejiang Province pilot project Fengqi Yunjing grand foundation

Jingning|The second batch of sloping villages and towns in Zhejiang Province pilot project Fengqi Yunjing grand foundation

On October 26th, the golden autumn of October, Dangui fragrance.

Today, in the beautiful southwestern part of Zhejiang Province, the top of Fenghuang Ancient Town in Jingning County, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Tianshou Health and Pension Villa (Fengqi Yunjing), funded by Hangzhou Dahe Group and Jingning Tianshou Health Care Co., Ltd., is a grand ceremony.

The project covers a total area of 195 square meters and a total construction area of 22085.

08 square meters, the total investment of the project is about 2.

025.78 billion yuan.

Lei Musen, former director of Jingning Yi Autonomous County, Qiu Shengping, deputy secretary general of the Economic Leisure and Health Promotion Committee of Jingning Yi Autonomous County, Jin Weigang, general manager of Hangzhou Tourism Group Huanglong Hotel Management Company, Liqun Group Co., Ltd.Manager Wu Wei, Ye Lihui, Chairman of Hangzhou Dahe Group, Wang Lei, Vice President of Hangzhou Dahe Group, and representatives of Hongxing Street, Chengbei Village Committee, Waishe Community, and representatives of the owners attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

The construction of Tianshou Health and Pension Villa (Fengqi Yunjing) project is a rapid development of Dahe Group to the first-class professional service platform of “design, capital, operation” in the country, and promote and build through real consumer word-of-mouth communication.The “China Great America Town Operator” brand has a national influence.

Dahe Group was formerly an architectural design company and has been in business for 15 years.

In the past 15 years, Dahe Group has undertaken more than 200 projects, including Jingning’s Oriental Plaza, Jinyuan Lijing, Kissing Home, Tianjing, Shanha Palace, Wutong Language, Sports Center, Chengbei Building, Renmin Road Facade.Transformation and so on.

Wang Lei, vice president of Dahe Group, said that the original intention and concept of our project is to create a healthy and emotional community in Jingning, a quality and emotional health and leisure leisure attraction.

We hope to enhance the sense of belonging of the owners through space design and comprehensive services to build a better neighborhood and create a more emotional home.

Because we believe that every owner who chooses to live here is a person who pursues life, has dreams and has feelings. The level and height of the owner itself will also inspire us to continuously improve the quality of the project.

We have the confidence and ability to transform the project into a model community with a new health model in southwestern Zhejiang.

In the speech, Ye Lihui, the chief architect of the project and the chief architect of the project, said that I am a native of Jingning. I always wanted to do more mature and perfect works for my hometown. My biggest dream is to put myself.I believe that the best design is perfected by the hard work and unremitting efforts of all the participants.

So this project contains both my nostalgia and my ideals.

We believe that with the support and help of relevant governments and relevant departments, under the concern of friends and relatives, Fengqi Yunjing Project will add a beautiful beauty to the urban construction of Jingning County with its noble living environment and perfect supporting facilities.The business card is to make our due contribution to the economic growth of Jingning County.

The leaders and guests attending the ceremony, as well as the representatives of the owners made a warm speech and exchange at the groundbreaking ceremony, and transformed the investment of Ye Lihui, the return of Dahe Group, to the hometown to give a warm welcome, so that the project started with sincere congratulations.