How to exercise, lose weight quickly and not grow muscles

How to exercise, lose weight quickly and not grow muscles

Spinning is one of the most sporty devices in the gym. Doing 45 minutes of spinning consumes up to 400 energy?
500 kcal, 80% of the muscles and joints of the body will participate in exercise during the exercise.

  I want to run and I am afraid to run into a “radish leg”. I want to run and I am afraid to run into a “radish leg”. I want to play the ball and I am afraid to grow “biceps.”

Weight loss body sculpting, especially women, always face such fears. It is easy to lose a few pounds of meat, but after paying a thick price, it is difficult to find a slim body.

  Running to lose weight should pay attention to the way to repeat a part of exercise, weight loss may be good, but you can’t stop the growth of muscles.

Xia Hua, a sports training room of the Suzhou Institute of Sports Science, believes that weight loss can not be eager to achieve, and can not have a sport.

In common sports, the effect of running is very good, but many women who lose weight are running one?
2 hours, the speed control is not good, so if you run for a month, the weight will change, but some people’s muscles on the calf begin to increase, not only did not shape, but become thicker.

Running is like this, and the same is true for other activities.

  Reasonable allocation of exercise volume and changing movement mode Xia Hua pointed out that body shaping exercise should be “nutrition balanced” as well as eating, and reasonably allocate the amount of exercise and change the movement mode.

If you are exercising in the gym, the best procedures are treadmills (or bicycles), local strength exercises, aerobics (or swimming), and each exercise time is 10?
20 minutes is better.

  To engage more parts of the body. If you are exercising outdoors, is it best to jog 10?
15 minutes, then carry out some waist and abdominal exercises, single sports activities (such as balls, skipping ropes, fitness equipment, etc.), and then carry out some ball or fitness equipment exercise, it is best to ensure the weight of the exercise method, try to make more parts of the body participatemotion.

  Whether it is indoors or on the ground, exercise time is an important indicator of the effect of the exercise. The volume of exercise from one hour to one and a half hours does not feel tired and the effect is good.

While exercising, the athletes must control their own pulse. 20 times / 10 seconds is a state of aerobic metabolism that can make a slight full combustion. To do this, not only can you lose weight but also make your body shape more perfect.

  The intake of food nutrition is also incapable or indispensable to maintain a balanced exercise, and the intake of food nutrition is also indispensable.

Many people think that the idea of losing weight without eating staple food is completely wrong.

The staple food can guarantee the supply of formaldehyde, and carbonic acid is precisely the most important element to promote slight oxidative decomposition.

  If you want to make your body shape more perfect, you can occasionally open a small stove, aerobics, Latin dance, yoga, these are good sports that can be shaped.