The role of hidden white points and massage methods

The role of hidden white points and massage methods

Introduction to the hidden white point is a hidden point, which is a well point of the Taiyin spleen.

The exact location of the hidden white hole is at the end of the big toe, 0 from the root of the toenail.

1 inch, one on each side, the hidden white hole is at the corner of the toe nail of the big toe nail, and the Da Dun point is at the corner of the outer toenail nail.

When taking a hole, sit on the foot and draw a straight line at the edge of the edge of the nail toe nail. The intersection of the two lines is the point.

The role of Yinbai Point can relieve heart and spleen pain, and has the function of strengthening the spleen and strengthening the nerves. It can improve the heart and spleen pain, loss of appetite, menorrhagia or uterine bleeding, blood in the stool, blood in the stool, vomiting blood, abdominal pain.More dreams, fainting, chest pain and other symptoms.

This point is also often used as an adjuvant therapy for vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and abdominal fullness.

The first significant point on the spleen, the most significant effect is to stop bleeding.

For example, if the nose is bleeding, or if the woman has too much menstrual flow, or if the menstrual cycle is too long, it can be solved by massage or burning white.

According to the method of hidden white points, the acupoints of the hemostasis-Da Dun, the white scorpion, which was smashed into a grain of wheat, were placed on the Datunhe hidden white hole on the two sides of the big toe, and the Ai 点燃 was ignited., two points of moxibustion 5?
7 strong.

Uterine bleeding with a triangular needle pricking white, 2-3 drops of bleeding in the big pier, daily or every other day.

It is also reported that Aizhi Wenhe Moxibustion Hidden White Point, 15-20 minutes each time, 3-5 times a day, has a better effect.

Acute nose blood is taken in combination with the white star, and the effect is better with strong stimulation.

Note 1 The general number of Ai can not be too much, one to two times a day, once about 10 minutes, should pay attention to the bleeding and metabolism after the fluid, should pay attention to reasonable anti-inflammatory.

2 moxibustion hidden white points treatment of blood collapse, although the effect is significant, but when the patient’s bleeding volume penetrates, the condition is critical, should be promptly sent to the hospital for treatment is appropriate.