[Eating leeks and diarrhea]_ Leeks _ Diarrhea _ How to solve

[Eating leeks and diarrhea]_ Leeks _ Diarrhea _ How to solve

Leeks are a very common vegetable in life. Leeks have a good nourishing effect on the human body. Some chives can improve male sexual abilities and even treat impotence, but some people can easily diarrhea after eating chives. What should I do?What about it?

1. I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with leek. Leek is a vegetable we can often eat. Leek is not only edible but also treatable. Frequently eating leek not only has the effect of nourishing kidneys, but also treats impotence of male friends.Therefore, we must understand how to use leek to serve our health. There are many ways to leek, but eating too much leek may cause diarrhea.

2. Leeks have been called “broken intestines”. According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine, leeks have a characteristic taste, flavor, sweetness, warmth, and intake of protein, calcium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin C; and its efficacyFor: promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, regulating qi and reducing inversion, warming kidney and aphrodisiac, detoxifying, and stopping bleeding; it can cure impotence and premature ejaculation, so it is also called “Qiyangcao”.

3. Although chives are commonly used vegetables, they have medicinal value in Chinese medicine diet.

In addition to reducing blood lipids, the effects of “warming the liver and kidney” and “helping Yang Gujing” are also outstanding.

Therefore, it is called “Qiyangcao” in the pharmacopoeia.

However, it may be due to such a name, usually people mistakenly think that leek contains androgens.

In fact, it is not absolute male hormones, but the properties of chives have the properties of warming the kidneys and aphrodisiac, and the treatment of male sexual function by Chinese medicine is to judge according to the quality of “kidney”.

Therefore, leek is accompanied by saying that it has androgen, it is better to say that it has “nourishing kidney” effect.

4. Although there are many benefits to eating chives, the following conditions should be fasted. Due to the hot nature of chives, more food is easy to get angry, so those who are yin deficiency should not eat more.

Stomach deficiency and heat, indigestion is not suitable for consumption.

In addition, the growth of summer leek is intensified, and the fiber is thick and rough. It is not easy to be digested and absorbed by the human stomach. In addition, summer peristalsis and reduced function can cause complications or diarrhea. Therefore, it should not be eaten during hot summer.

In addition, although chives have a strong sperm effect, excessive consumption will cause kidney failure and scum.

So do n’t eat it every day.