How to treat acne, diet therapy, recommended therapeutic remedies for acne

How to treat acne, diet therapy, recommended therapeutic remedies for acne

The acne disease is very serious to our skin damage. The damage of acne disease to human skin is more serious than that of normal skin diseases. If it is serious, it will lead to the appearance of scar marks. Everyone is very concerned about the treatment of acne diseases. How to treat acne?What?

Here we will introduce you to the treatment of acne, which is a way to treat acne.

The four major therapeutic remedies for the treatment of acne 1[composition]15 grams of fish vine, 100 ml of vinegar.

〖Usage〗 After the fish vine is soaked in water 500 ml for 2 hours, it is smashed, washed out of milky white liquid, washed while rubbing, repeated several times, filtered with gauze to remove slag, then add 100 ml of vinegar, and bottled for use.

After the patient is bathed, rub the fish vine water outside the skin of the affected part, 2 times a day?
3 times, use 3?
4 days is a course of treatment.

〖Description〗 糜 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗 渗

Method 2[composition]200 grams of calamus, 1000 ml of rice wine.

〖Usage〗 菖 细 fine cut steam 2?
3 hours, dried into rice wine fermentation 3?
On the 5th, go to the slag to clarify.

Or use the calamus water to fry about 500 ml of juice, 1 bowl of glutinous rice, and the wine as usual, wait until the cooked slag warm drink, each serving 1?
2 cups, getting drunk.

Method 3[composition]50 grams of Sophora flavescens, 250 ml of wine.

〖Usage〗 crush 5?
After 7 days, you can drink, drink 25 ml each time, once a day, swallow on an empty stomach, and pass the fruit and vegetables.

Method 4[composition]raw melon 蒌 1?
2 pieces (breaking), the amount of wine.

〖Usage〗 dip 1 night, hot drink.

Precautions Pay attention to personal hygiene. The clothes are washed and dried. After the patients are born, they should be isolated and actively use sulphur cream, sputum or Lin Dan cream to eliminate the source of infection and prevent the spread of infection.

Do not eat excessively spicy irritants, such as peppers, Chuanwei hot pot to avoid the symptoms of itching.

Do not eat alcohol or eat less pig’s head meat, lamb, goose, shrimp, crab, mustard and other hair, so as not to stimulate the skin lesions and increase itching.