Qigong Health brings you the top ten benefits of Health Qigong

Qigong Health brings you the top ten benefits of Health Qigong

Health Qigong is a traditional Chinese sports program. It is a combination of exercise, physical breathing, breathing and breathing, and coordination of all aspects of fish. The learning of Qigong not only strengthens the body, but also has a lot of blood circulation to various parts of the body.Role, I want to know how Qigong improves some biological functions?
Let’s take a look at it.
  1、理想地改善和调节神经系统的功能  到了一些年龄,有些人就感觉到记忆力明显的下降,有些人到死,大脑还有百分之八九十没有发挥功能,怎样才能让没有用到的Brain cells are being developed?
Some people observe from bioelectricity that in the qigong state, when the brain cells are excited, a strong brain bioelectric current will be formed, which leads to the formation of a special phenomenon that enhances the activity of brain cells.
That is to say, Qigong can activate human brain cells, let brain cells have a good state to release more energy, and activate which 8% of the brain cells are not activated.
  Some people have found that the electroencephalogram of practitioners can be restored from the elderly and adults to the age of childhood and childhood.
After the elderly and adults enter the qigong state, the EEG is suddenly strengthened, the peak is generally increased, and the frequency is slowed down. This is precisely the characteristic of the child’s EEG. This is a very important finding.
Because the average person, whether sleeping or doing other physical exercises, the brain electricity will change, but it will not return to the child.
Therefore, from this perspective, Qigong is an ideal technology for training the brain and developing technology.
  Qigong can also make the activity of the sympathetic nervous system continue to decrease or adjust.
In this way, the function of the whole human brain, including the spinal nerves, can be well regulated and improved.
Therefore, some patients with neurasthenia and neurosis, including patients with mental illness and schizophrenia, can get obvious curative effects if they enter Qigong and practice qigong.
  People’s understanding of the brain is insufficient, and when human beings enter Qigong state, it is beneficial to play some functions of the brain. The amplitude of cerebral blood flow is obviously reduced, and the forehead microcirculation is also obviously improved.
  Practicing qigong can significantly improve the brain microcirculation, which is not achieved by other exercise methods.
The deep brain cells can be active due to sufficient blood supply, and the bioelectricity enhancement, the function of the entire brain nervous system may be stimulated.
In this way, the related functions of the human nervous system are adjusted and improved.
Therefore, Qigong is an ideal special technique for stimulating the energy and function of the human brain and developing the wisdom of the human brain.
  2, ideally improve and adjust the relevant functions of the circulatory system It has been observed that entering the qigong state can automatically adjust the human blood supply.
When you take a break, you need less blood, less blood supply, and the heart is resting. When you need more blood in some parts of your body, you will have more blood.
Ordinary people can’t do this.
Qigong also changes the vascular response and makes the blood vessels very sensitive.
When the heart beats blood, the blood vessels expand rapidly, the heart relaxes, and the blood vessels contract. This allows the blood vessels to not decrease in elasticity as they age, thus avoiding premature coronary heart disease, cerebral arteriosclerosis, and stroke.
Others have found that exercise can significantly improve the microcirculation of the whole body, which has a very good effect and effect on human bodybuilding.
When entering the qigong state and contacting the qigong master, the human blood cells can rise significantly.
“Guangming Daily” published a report titled “Qigong is not unscientific”, which is about the experiments conducted by Zhejiang related research, mainly to measure the blood cells after contact between the patient and the qigong master.
After the qigong masters released the external gas, the patient’s blood cells immediately rose, and they continued to rise afterwards, while the qigong master’s blood cells decreased.
Why is this happening?
Some people have analyzed that it is very likely that the qigong masters have higher external energy, which promotes the function of the patient’s bone marrow and other hematopoietic systems, which naturally allows the patient’s blood cells to continue to rise.
The qigong master consumes energy and consumes infuriating gas, so his blood cells are going to decline, and he can only gradually rise through practice.
  3、理想地改善呼吸系统的功能  进入气功状态以后,全身的耗氧量下降,同时肺的有效吸氧量增加,整个组织贮存氧气的功能及肺的功能得到加强,这样一来,胜过运动员Physical exercise.
A long-distance runner has a large lung capacity, but it also consumes a lot of oxygen. It is impossible to stay for a few hours under water.
However, those who practice internal skills and pay attention to those who practice breathing can not come out under water for a long time. Some people are packed in coffins and buried in the underground for 6-7 days, so they can still maintain their lives.
From the normal person’s lung function and oxygen demand, it is not easy to explain, but can be explained from the perspective of Qigong.
After the practitioners enter the Qigong state, the body does not need so much oxygen.
On the one hand, the oxygen-absorbing function of the lungs and the storage function of the whole tissue are strengthened; on the other hand, the oxygen consumption is reduced, so it can be explained.
Chinese medicine says: The lungs are a hundred veins, which is very reasonable.
The practitioners know that the practice location does not have to be chosen in a place with fresh air. Some masters practice in the cave and burn a lot of smoke. The oxygen in the hole is of course insufficient. The key is that he consumes very little oxygen.
  4、理想地改善和调节消化系统的功能  气功调节消化系统的功能,一是通过气功作用于人体以后,导致人体的唾液、肠液、胃液的增加;二是通过增强胃肠蠕动,从而加强了化学The function of digestion and mechanical digestion.The saliva of the practitioner contains a large amount of lytic fungus, which can inhibit and destroy the bacteria. Just like the antibiotics, it has a certain therapeutic effect on stomatitis, pharyngitis and gastroenteritis, but unlike tetracycline and oxytetracycline.Antibiotics such as chlortetracycline have certain side effects.
The saliva of the practitioner also contains many substances such as starch mold, protein, and trace elements. Therefore, some people call the saliva under the exercise state “Jinjin Yuye”.
Therefore, the saliva in the practice can not be easily spit out, you can take a sip in the mouth, some methods should be smashed under 36, the molars 36, the tongue in the mouth stirred 36, and so on, and then swallowed.
  In the state of Qigong, the secretion of human gastric juice and intestinal fluid is also significantly increased, and the pH can be adjusted by itself.
Will it increase the concentration of gastric juice and increase the secretion of gastric juice to erode the gastric mucosa, leading to gastritis and other diseases?
Patients with gastritis and stomach and duodenal ulcers do not have to worry.
When the qigong state increases the gastric juice, its pH is just right.
At the same time, it was found that there are many substances in gastric juice and intestinal fluid that are not available to most people.
It is also nutritious in the stomach and intestines.
Therefore, some practitioners will have less food and not even eat at a certain time.
Because he is transforming nutrition there, the door of the nutrition warehouse is opened, and the materials that are usually stored can be used to sustain life.
Some people may not even drink water because the water does not have to be drunk through the mouth or absorbed through the skin.
Maybe someone has to ask, how can people not eat?
Because people who are stimulated by Qigong, the stomach and intestines are self-contained.
“A person can store a lot of nutrients, depending on whether they can be transformed or reused.
So people can eat for 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 20 days, or even longer, and they are hungry and in good spirits.
Because he absorbs the high energy of his own transformation, it does not mean that he has not eaten, but the method and method of exchange for nutrients are not the same.
People can accumulate nutrients that are not easily used in the body, through gastric juice, intestinal fluid, etc., and then synthesize it into high-nutrition-value substances and absorb them by themselves.
This is a function in itself, and it is a manifestation of the improvement of digestive system function. Qigong has this kind of speculation in this area.
  5, ideally improve endocrine function It has been observed that after entering the qigong state, it can significantly improve the function of human endocrine, so that some of the stimuli in the human body can be adjusted, or the life of the secreted hormone is prolonged.
For example, the level of metabolism of adrenaline or norepinephrine in a person who exercises, the secretion of corticosteroids and growth hormone can not be reduced, and the secretion time is prolonged.
We say that the decline is not excessive, but the body does not need so much, and its secretion time is extended.
It is like some women have endocrine dysfunction in the age of 49, ovarian function declines, menstruation stops, and some women still have children in their 60s.
This is the time when her ovaries secrete hormones.
There is no such problem in practicing Qigong. It can automatically adjust the hormone level. If it needs a large amount, it can be secreted more. If it is small, it can be secreted less, and it can also prolong the secretion time.
Menopausal syndrome, such as due to endocrine dysfunction, can also be corrected automatically by Qigong.
This is about the regulation of endocrine levels.
  6. Forming the function that affects the changes of the human musculoskeletal system. The exercises can prevent the bones from aging.
As the age of the human bone increases, the gelatin decreases and the calcium content increases accordingly. Therefore, the brittleness of the bone increases and the toughness decreases. It is very easy for the elderly to fall.
Bone does not cause premature aging and degenerative changes with age, so bone hyperplasia can also be corrected by practicing.
  Qigong also has a great influence on the muscle motor system.
Practice inside is better than practicing martial arts. Why?
After practicing Qigong, a large amount of morphine can be produced in the brain, intestinal wall and other places. Under the action of Qigong, human morphine receptors should be excited and easily receive morphine-like substances.
The full name of morphine is called endogenous morphine-like substance. This substance is available to everyone, but it is usually produced in a small amount. It can multiply under the action of qigong. Its analgesic effect is many times higher than that of morphine.
Therefore, people who practice internal strength are not afraid of being beaten because muscle reflection is reduced by morphine.
In addition, under the action of qigong, the human body can generate a large number of magnetic signals, and the magnetic signals also have the effects of anesthesia and analgesia.
In this way, gold bells, iron cloth shirts and other exercises can be explained.
  7、调整人的皮肤温度和体温中抠  有人练功,可以用舌头去舔烧红的钢板,用手拿烧红的煤炭、甚至脚在火上踩,手下油锅也没问题,这就在于皮肤The temperature can be adjusted.
When many people have a fever, they can reduce their body temperature by practicing.
  8, adjust the skin potential and change the body impedance into the qigong state can use the idea to adjust the potential and resistance of the skin on both sides, including waveform, other, phase, period and so on.Here, I will explain the experiments conducted during the lecture today.

My left hand is the fire line, the right hand is the ground wire, and the voltage is 230 volts.

Electrical knowledge shows that the AC 220 volts, when its fire line is connected through the human body and the ground, as long as a thousandth of a second, the heart will stop beating.

The previous experiment was to use the method of qigong to adjust the left and right hands, that is, the skin skin’s induction and potential, so that the AC does not hurt the human body.

And using it to practice, there are certain benefits to people.

At least a little electricity is good for the heart.

In particular, some people have insufficient blood supply to the brain. When they are energized, their heads are awake.

  9, ideally improve and regulate the body’s immune function to improve and regulate the body’s immune function, including: humoral immunity, cellular immunity, non-replacement immunity.

Some studies have found that practicing Qigong, or contacting Qigong masters, can significantly increase white blood cells, significantly increase the phagocytic capacity and phagocytic index of white blood cells, and eosinophils can also be significantly increased.

In this way, the body’s disease resistance and epidemic prevention function are significantly enhanced.

Some people have observed that outside air, including information water, can increase the phagocytosis rate of spleen lymphocytes in mice.

It has also been observed that external air can lead to an increase in the synthesis rate of DNA in vascular endothelial cells, and an increase in the ability of the human lymphocyte sister chromosome exchange rate SCE.

Experimenting with mice can raise the essential hemagglutinin in the serum of mice.

  In short, qigong acts on the human body, which can make the immune system get the ideal adjustment and improvement. It also has auto-adjustability. When it is needed, it is strong; when it is not so strong, it is weak.

Qigong, immune function is two-way, it can kill bacteria and make it grow, which is not achieved by general drugs.

This is about improving and adjusting people’s immune function.

  10, can make people release the outside air, transfer energy, and thus change the characteristics of the organism. After the practice of the whole body, the function of the whole body is strengthened, it is possible to apply high-energy substances, or transfer energy to release the outside air.