Chang’an Yashi Tea Ceremony Health Course: The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Jing Lingshu Collection

Chang’an Yashi Tea Ceremony Health Course: “The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Jing Lingshu Collection”

The first day of the reign of Wuxu (that is, October 8, 2018).

And said that the ancient capital of the thirteenth dynasty, Chang’an, somewhere in the south of the city is the most elegant and elegant place of Ziwei Garden, the original Tang Datongfang – Guo Ziyi garden site, now the garden is still there, the grass is lush, then the characters are “the wind is always blown by the rainGo, there is nowhere to be found.

The gratifying person here is now the most important thing in the poetry book – Xiu Xiu College, which is enough for all the priests to swim outside the red dust, to find the secluded ancient, “the ears do not smell the window, one heart instead of the sage book.”

(Shaking voice: Xiu Xiu College fans 150,000) Ascot life: Mr.: a piano and a trip to Jianghuchen.

Poetry and songs are studied and studied.

Nowadays, Mr. said that the example of the meditation method is complete, and the opening is coordinated with the filming.

Today’s reading: Returning to the garden, its six seedlings are in the east, and the Miao is full of strangers.

Despite the tiredness of the lotus, the turbid wine talks about it.

The sun-baked firewood car, the road is dark.

Returning to the fireworks, the child is waiting for a gap.

Asked what is the king, there will be a battle in a hundred years.

I hope that Sang Macheng will be able to produce silkworms.

This is the case with Su Xin.

Su Shi: “If you see the poems of Yuanming poetry at first, you can see the strange sentences.

“Yan Yu’s “Canglang Poetry”: “This article is very good.

However, its system, meteorological and ambiguous.

Is it too white poetry, and later generations take it into the collection?

“Yuanming poetry is simple and natural, but quite refined and unique.

Its artistic features have both a dull and hearty victory; “Guanyuan Tianju” is a group of poems, a total of five (one for six).

Poetry reflects the pastoral scenery and its living in the countryside. It often hides the aversion to the dirty officialdom and the unwillingness to collude with the spirit, as well as the yearning for the Taiping society. It also writes about short-term concerns and conforms to nature, LotteThe concept of life in peace of mind has contradictory philosophical elements.

In the case of a single poem, the words “returning to the fireworks, and the children’s waiting for the gap” are really written, and they are as picturesque as they are.

If you talk about this “hidden ancestor” Tao Shi’s choice, it is because of Mr.’s recent performance of “Going back to the lyrics”, and he likes it at the “Tianjia true feelings, it is leisurely”, so it is not alone.”The resignation”, even “Twenty Drinking”, and this “Guanyuan Tianju” together for his heart is not surprising, isn’t it?

(Shaking sound: Xiu Xiu College fans 150,000) Ascot life: Xiu Xiu teacher: Going back to the hustle and bustle, the pastoral will not return?


It is the right time to practice thin gold books.

Two Yaoqin are opposite each other.

Slim and fine pen like Lin.

Qingqing beauty is sitting in the window of Yaoqin. Behind her, a miniature miniature rockery stands in the blue-and-white pot, and the succulents are dotted with it, revealing some greenery.

The tassels of the hanging baskets are extremely long, and the sweet potato leaves are also popping out. The copper money grass is especially paved with a large screen of green light.

In the small study, except for the green plants, the long axis of calligraphy is also infinite. The long axis of calligraphy has also been rolled up there. The pens and inks are all there, but the people who write are stunned and fascinated.

The brother gave a hand, dare it is also a beautiful lady who missed writing?

A smile.

On the case of Mr. Dahongkuo Walnut, the long scrolls of calligraphy must be unfolded. When I looked at it, I wrote it to “Stand up with Yacao, and I have a good reputation.”

“Ya Cao” refers to the elegant ethics, noble moral pursuit, that is, the “Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy, Wisdom, Faith” and the “family, brothers, couples, monarchs, friends”.

Being able to hold the virtues of the five permanents and to follow the five principles is the so-called “persistence of the elegant”.

The phrase “Good Jubilee” is from the “Book of Changes”: “I have a good prince, and I am with you.”

“Jiao” is a wine made in ancient bronze. The princes used in different grades are different.

Later generations used the title as the title, the title, and the official position. The good name refers to the high official, great luck, good luck.All in all, these two sentences mean that as long as one can adhere to the elegant conduct, good luck will naturally come.

(Shaking voice: Xiu Xiu College fans 150,000) Ascot life: Mr. thin gold book to the time of application.

Tea ceremony, Guqin, Xiangdao and other art courses are carried out.

This will be Xiu Xiu teacher playing the piano.

Originally, Mr. was the leader of the Qingqing beauty, and there is a new “Gu Long” – I heard that it is a master of learning Muay Thai, and it seems that it is solid and has the potential to fight bravely!

They practice the piano together.

Qing Qing, Ping sister, Gu Long, Mr.

For a short time, Mr. Xu suddenly wanted to talk about some “wonderfulness”, and he danced with his hands and feet, and the small movements were frequent. The teacher of Xixi originally wanted to capture the scene of their “teacher-student integration”, and then they couldn’t think of it as “adding chaos”.

(Shaking the number: 150,000 fans of Xiu Xiu College) The life of the Ascot: the teachers and students are in harmony and suddenly come out from outside the door.

Mr. Yan greeted the past with joy and gave this place to Xiu Xiu.

Xiu Xiu teacher is very different from the gentleman.

Taking this meeting to teach Qingqing, Xiu Xiu’s teacher is close to her. The hand is very careful. In the end, it’s a lot of care. It’s more pleasing to the eye, and it’s more “pleasing to the eye”

(Shaking sound: Xiu Xiu College fans 150,000) Ascot life: Xiu Xiu teacher and Qing Qing: Yan Shi out of the high-profile now say Mr., two days of obsessively obsessed with the “return to the resignation”.

I got up early in the morning, and I didn’t know what to do. I remembered the sound of Ding Ding’s voice. It was a great change in the past. Ping’s sister smiled and said: “Sir, thank you for your accompaniment.

“Mr. smiled, and concentrated on practicing his “going back, the pastoral will not return?”

Is it a self-confidence, a sorrow and a sadness?

Enlightenment has been gone, and those who know it can be chased.

Really lost, it’s not far away.

Zhou Yaoyao sneaked in the wind and fluttered in the wind.

Asked the husband of the past, hate the light of the morning light.” Go.

(Shaking voice: Xiu Xiu College fans 150,000) Ascot life: Qing Qing: Sit and have a charming teacher to practice bragging in the morning light.

It is long and weak, low-hanging, long and thin, and looks like a gentle and beautiful.

That will be because there is no one, and Ping sister can not help but practice the piano.

Xiu Xiu teacher carefully guided her next to her.

The bomb is only the practice one, the second practice, the Xiu Xiu teacher has repeatedly repeated, and even a few “severe” supervision urged.

The so-called “strict teacher out of the high”, Ping sister in the future together with Qin Yi, the future is not limited.

At the time of the squad, it is a daily debate.

This article is entitled “The Forty-seventh of the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Relics”, participants: Changan Ya Shi Xue Peisheng, Ya Xiu Xiu Xiu, Ya Nu Xi Xi, Ya Ning Ping Ping, Chang An Qing Qing, Gu Long, Visitors, etc.

Translator: Huang Di asked Yu Bo: The bloody spirit of the people, so the life is also the life of the people; the meridians, so the blood and the yin and yang, the bones and muscles, the joints are also; the defender, so the temperatureMeat, skin, fat, and sorcerer; the ambition, so the spirit, the soul, the cold, and the angry.

It is the blood and the meridians, the yin and yang, the strong bones and muscles, the joints are clear and sturdy; the qi and the meat are profitable, the skin is soft, and the sputum is dense; the mind and the spirit are straightforward, the soul is not scattered.Repentance can not afford, the five internal organs are infinitely evil; the cold and warm is the six-story fossils, the wind is not made, the meridians are profitable, the limbs are safe, and the person is also flat.

Five internal organs, so the spirit of the spirit of the soul is also hidden; six squatters, so the water valley and the liquid liquid also.

The reason why this person is subject to the heavens is that there is no ignorance and ignorance.

However, it has its own life and longevity, and it is a disease of no evil. It has never been bad for a hundred years. Although it has been plagued by wind and rain, it still has evil energy. It is not afraid of shielding indoors, and there is no fear of innocence.and also?

I am willing to hear the truth.

岐 曰 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对

The five viscers, so the heavens and the earth, the vice yin and yang, and the four seasons, the five sects; the five viscers, inherently small, high, crisp, correct, biased, six 腑 also small, long, thin,Straighten, rush.

Those who are in the twenty-five are different, or good or evil, or good or evil, please speak for them.

If the heart is small, the evil can hurt, and it is easy to hurt and worry; if the heart is big, it is worried, it can’t hurt, it is easy to hurt the evil.

The heart is full of the lungs, and it is easy to forget, it is difficult to open words; under the heart, it is hidden outside, easy to hurt the cold, easy to say.If the heart is strong, then Zang’an will keep the solid; if the heart is crisp, then the disease will disappear.

If the heart is right, then it will be difficult to hurt; if the heart is biased, it will be inconsistent.

If the lungs are small, drink less, not sick and drink; if the lungs are large, drink more, treat the chest well, throat, and gas.

If the lungs are high, then the upper body and the shoulders will cough; under the lungs, the lungs will be forced to stagnate.

Lung Jian is not sick, coughing up; lungs are brittle, then suffering from illness is easy to hurt.

If the lungs are positive, then it is difficult to hurt; if the lungs are tilted, the chest is also painful.

The liver is small and dirty, and there is no disease under the threat; the liver is forced to swallow the stomach, the throat is bitter, and the pain is under the threat.

If the liver is high, then the upper branch is cut, the flank is the sputum; the lower part of the liver forces the stomach to flank, and the underside is vulnerable to evil.

The liver is hard to be damaged in Tibet; the liver is brittle and the disease is good and easy to hurt.

If the liver is positive, it will be difficult to hurt; if the liver is tilted, the pain will be under the threat.

If the spleen is small, it will be dirty, and it will be difficult to hurt the evil. If the spleen is large, it will be painful (monthly) and painful.

If the spleen is high, then (months are less) and the season is threatened; the spleen is placed under the large intestine, and the lower part is added to the large intestine.

If the spleen is strong, it will be dirty and hard to hurt; if the spleen is brittle, it will be easy to get rid of the disease.

If the spleen is correct, then the spleen is tilted, and the spleen is tilted.

If the kidney is small, it will be dirty and difficult to be injured; if the kidney is large, it will be good for low back pain, and it should not be swayed, and it is easy to hurt.

If the kidney is high, it will be painful and painful. You can’t admire it. Under the kidney, you have lumbosacral pain. You can’t admire it.

Kidney firm, it does not suffer from low back pain; kidney is brittle, then good disease eliminates phlegm and is easily injured.

If the kidney is positive, it will be difficult to hurt; if the kidney is tilted, it will be painful.

Anyone who suffers from these twenty-five changes is suffering from illness.

Huang Dihao: Why do you know why?

岐伯曰: Red color, small heart; rough, big heart.

No (bone) (bone loss), heart high; (bone) (bone loss) small, short, lifter, heart.

(Bone sputum) (bone loss) elderly, under the heart; (bone sputum) (bone loss) weak and thin, crisp.

(Bone sputum) (bone loss) is not straight down, the heart is right; (bone sputum) (bone loss) leaning against the person, the heart is also biased.

White small ruler, small lung; coarse, large lung.

Giant shoulders are trapped in the throat, the lungs are high;

Good shoulders, thick lungs; thin shoulders, crisp bones.

The back is thick, the lungs are positive; the threat is partial, and the lungs are also tilted.

Cyan small ruler, small liver; coarse, liver.

Wide chest rumors, liver high; combined with rabbits, liver.

The chest is weak, the liver is firm; the weak bone is weak, the liver is crisp.

The abdomen is good, the liver is positive; the skeletal eccentric, the liver is also tilted.

Yellow small ruler, small spleen; rough, spleno.

Reveal the lips, the spleen is high; the lower lip is the spleen.

The lips are strong, the spleen is firm; the lips are big and not strong, and the spleen is brittle.

The upper lip is good, the spleen is positive; the lip is biased, the spleen is also tilted.

Black small ruler, small kidney; coarse, kidney.

High ear, high kidney; ear trap, under the kidney.

The ear is strong, the kidney is firm; the ear is thin and not strong, and the kidney is brittle.

The ear is good before the tooth car, the kidney is positive; the ear is high, the kidney is also tilted.Anyone who has changed this way will be safe and sick.

Emperor: Good.

However, if you don’t have the rest, you will want to hear people who are not sick, and they will endure their lives. Although they have deep harassment, they can’t be reduced, they are very cold, they can’t hurt, and they are not shielded.Indoors, there is no fear of innocence, but it is inevitable to the sick, why?

I am willing to hear the truth.
岐伯曰: The five internal organs, the evil house, too, please tell the reason.

Those with five internal organs are small, sick, bitter, and sorrowful; those with the five internal organs are too slow to be disturbed.

Those with high internal gravity are all high transitions; those with high internal organs are better.

The five internal organs are strong, no disease; the five internal organs are strong, not leaving the disease.

The five internal organs are all correct, and the people are profitable; the five internal organs are all positive, the evil heart is good and the thief can not be flat, and the words are repeated.

Huang Dihao: I am willing to hear the six hexagrams.

岐伯答曰: the lungs of the large intestine, the large intestine, the skin should be; the heart is small intestine, the small intestine, the pulse should be; the liver is biliary, the biliary, the gluten should be;Three-focal bladder, three-focal bladder, phlegm and numbness should be.

Yellow Emperor: What should I do?

岐伯曰: The lungs should be skinned.

Thick skin, thick large intestine, thin skin, thin large intestine; slow skin, large in the abdomen, large and long in the large intestine; acute skin, large intestine is short and short; skin slippery, large intestine straight; skin is not separated, large intestineKnot.

Heart should be pulsed, thick skin, thick pulse, thick pulse, small intestine thick; thin skin, thin pulse, thin pulse, small intestine thin; skin slow, pulse slow, pulse slow, small intestine large and long; thin skinThe small pulse, the small intestine is small and short.

Zhuyang meridians are more than aggravated, small intestine knot.

The spleen should be meat, the meat (moon scorpion) is strong, the stomach is thick; the meat (lunar sputum) is sputum, and the stomach is thin.

Meat (Moon) is small and sturdy, the stomach is not strong; meat (Moon) does not refer to the body, the stomach, the stomach, the lower tube is not favorable.

Meat (Moon) is not strong, the stomach is slow; meat (Moon) is not small and tired, stomach is anxious.

Meat (lunar sputum) how tired, stomach knot, stomach knot, the upper tube is also unfavorable.

The liver should be clawed, the claws are thick yellow, the gallbladder is thick; the claws are thin red, the biliary; the claws are firm and green, the urgency; the claws are red, the biliary slow; the claws are straight and white, the daring; the clawsThe wicked black and multi-grain, the gallbladder also.

The kidney should be bone, the dense skin is thick, the triple-focus bladder is thick; the thick thin skin is thin, and the triple-focus bladder is thin.

Dredging, three-focus bladder slow; skin acute and no hair, three-focus bladder emergency.

The hair is beautiful and thick, the three-focus bladder is straight, the thin hair is weak, and the triple-focus bladder knot is also.

The Yellow Emperor: The thickness is beautiful and evil, all are tangible, and I am willing to smell the disease.

岐 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰 曰

(Shaking voice: Xiu Xiu College fans 150,000) Ascot life: Mr.: The move has a desire to know how the “Book of Songs Zhou Zhi” will be tomorrow, and listen to the next decomposition.