Liberation · Endgame Rescue released the ultimate notice, Zhong Hanliang rescued on Monday

“Liberation · Endgame Rescue” released the ultimate notice, Zhong Hanliang rescued on Monday
Sauna Night News On December 25, the war movie “Liberation · Endgame Rescue” directed by Han Sanping was appointed as the chief planner, Li Shaohong as the director system and chief director, and Chang Xiaoyang as the director.The director system and chief director Li Shaohong said that war is for peace and hope. The film “Liberation and Ending Rescue” is just such a movie to let people see the path they have traveled, remember the sacrificed fathers, cherish the present,Longing for beautiful works.The film will be released nationwide on December 27.The final notice released this time began with a period of escape. The family members of the Beiping defending army who were originally transferred by Yao Zhe (Zhong Hanliang) fell into prison, and only one secret door could rescue them.How to rescue from a heavily guarded prison is a difficult task for the People’s Liberation Army Artillery Reconnaissance Ranger, entered by Cai Xingfu (siege on Monday).On December 24, the film “Liberation · Endgame Rescue” held a national premiere in Beijing.Li Shaohong shared the story of the shooting period.When the Battle of Pingjin happened during the New Year’s Eve, it was snowing. It was snowing heavily when the crew filmed the first scene, which was very consistent with the scene of the year.The military adviser of the film was also a veteran who had participated in the battle of the year, and he had great guidance for the entire film.”Urban War” is a major feature of the film “Liberation and Final Rescue”, and “Sense of Space” is a part of the film.It is definitely not a high-rise building, a street, a sewer, a river or other places. Smoke and war are everywhere.Li Shaohong said that the most difficult part of the film is the motion scenes during the war, and it is the “embedded” perspective of war that he hopes to present to the audience.In order to maximize the reproduction of the old Tianjin city at that time, the producer Shen Yuqian admitted that the crew had truly restored the landmark buildings at that time, such as Quanyechang, Department Store, and Xikai Church, and restored the important battlefield in a 1: 1 ratio—— Jiefang Bridge.As large as the city setting, as small as the earth and stone, the crew upholds the attitude of excellence and meticulously restores “that day and time”.Throughout the story, the two teams of men and women hit the roof from the street, then from the roof to the underground, and then from the boat to the tram and shopping mall . Sauna Night Net Editor Xu Meilin proofread Li Xiangling