Interpretation will coax the mother’s child

Interpretation will coax the mother’s child

From being “coaxed” by moms and dads to starting to “coax” moms and dads, it is also a short journey for the children, which reflects all aspects of family environment and parent-child interaction.

  招数1:静悄悄的反抗  [特写镜头]:小惠正在家里开心地看动画片,爸爸过来说,这样子不好,你快上一年级了,应该多看点书,到房间去看书吧.
Xiaohui was very unwilling, but did not dare to resist, and had to poke his mouth into the room.

She put the book on the table and started playing with a knife, eraser, and stationery box.

Looking at the door while playing, worried that parents suddenly came in.

  Psychoanalysis: Authoritarian parents VS crying free children. The way of “coaxing” parents like Xiaohui is common among children. Instead of using words to resist parents ‘orders, she“ coaxes ”them with submissive behavior.
  In psychological counseling, I found that Xiaohui’s parents are very authoritarian. They think that the child does not understand anything, and the parents must decide what is the best way for the child to grow up healthy.

Usually, they strictly regulate Xiaohui’s words and deeds, and if they go a little too far, they will ruthlessly criticize and even scold.

  After Xiaohui went to kindergarten, her parents asked her to be obedient and not allow her teacher to criticize her.

Therefore, in the kindergarten, Xiao Hui has always been very well-behaved, very introverted, not talking to children, playing, hardly participating in group activities, and always staying quiet because she is worried that if she is “naughty”, her parents will criticize。The teacher was anxious about Xiaohui’s condition and urged her parents to bring the child to the counseling room.

  I told Xiaohui’s parents that Xiaohui’s problem was that they infinitely exaggerated the role of their parents.

The role of parents is only to pass life to children, to give love, and to help children grow up healthy.

If we regard ourselves as the “God” of a child and have the right to determine everything about the child, then under such “promiscuous power”, the poor child often aggravates himself in order to gain the love and care of his parents.

But this time, the child was actually very rebellious.

For a long time, although a good girl, a series of psychological problems will occur.

  Tips for parents: 1.

Respect the child and strive to be a close friend of the child.


Ask your child what he thinks and say what he thinks. Discuss what to do.


Chapter 3 with the child: When the parents show autocracy, the child can point it out; when the child does something wrong, the parent must point it out.

  招数2:勤于道歉  [特写镜头]:傍晚,妈妈带着豆豆到小区的儿童乐园玩耍,顽皮的豆豆奔来跳去,没一会儿就把一个小小孩给欺负哭了。Doudou’s mother rushed to coax, Doudou hid far away, and saw her mother coax the little friends before running out.

As soon as his mother wanted to teach him, he scratched his head and regretted it: “Mom, I will never do this again, I promise.

I didn’t mean it, my mother believed me . “Looking at my son is so sincere, my mother is also softened, thinking that naughty boys are not a big problem, so, just like countless times before, things are just like thisForget it.

  Psychoanalysis: Doting parents vs. cunning kids boys are really naughty and naughty.

Because children in this period have a lot of energy, they have endless energy.

Frequent running around and playing with children is also a way of communicating, but if bullying is not the same, if the parents do not stop and explain the truth to the child, the child will think that it is not a big dealEven if you do it wrong, your mother will help you settle down. It doesn’t matter.